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Wild Path


with Adolescents & Adults

Individual sessions are typically 45 minutes each.  In these sessions, we will discuss your concerns and struggles and work to accomplish your treatment goals.

I approach each client by meeting them where they are, offering support and teaching coping skills to better assist in managing a more functioning life.

I'm well-versed in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. (See My Approach for more) 

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Family therapy sessions involve working with two or more family members to meet treatment goals.  Family therapy often occurs in conjunction with individual sessions to best meet the needs of the family. 

Learn to Read

Whether we are addressing issues in transitioning to high school or college, or how to fight for your child’s needs in grade school, I will coach you to stand up for your educational rights.  I will advise, guide, and support you in the best ways to meet you or your child’s educational needs.

Confetti Storm


Group work involves sessions with three or more individuals addressing specific topics such as parent education, social skill development, and support groups. Jessica is currently accepting new members for the group below.

The Adolescent Girls Group focuses on teaching teenage girls to empower themselves, gain a deeper level of self-awareness, and learn ways to navigate and cope with various life challenges.

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